Harold Court Primary School

  • "It was nice to come in and view all of the different years' work" Mrs Fox
  • "Open Evening is great. It's lovely to see how my daughter is improving" Mrs Rummell
  • "Very good. The classroom is great. He's working hard and enjoying it!" Mrs Allen
  • "Lots of fun for parents and children... a very interesting session" Mrs Brown
  • "A nice opportunity to see how all of the children listen/interact and behave as a class. Well done!" Mrs Foster
  • "Very eye opening- would come again" Mrs Duncan
  • "Useful to get feedback and updates on the reward system and parent questionnaire" Mrs Pottinger
  • "I have been shown some great methods that I understand" Mrs Kneller
  • "I have learned different methods that I never knew existed" Mr Muthaka
  • "It was lovely to see my daughter so happy about showing me what she does in Maths" Mrs Fair
Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School

Parents' voice Newsletters

Each week our Parents Voice newsletter is sent home to all families. This  is created for all parents/carers. Mrs McMahon compiles the newsletter each week and she works very closely with our Head Teacher, Mr. Dineen to bring relevant information to you as quickly as possible.

 If you wish to find out anything in particular or feel you need a question answered please remember to email the school or pop a question into the parents post box as soon as possible or call Mrs Cheryl Williams on option 6 Tuesday-Thursday. We will then endevour to ensure questions are answered in this published newsletter.

Thank you!

Newsletters 2016 2017

1st Edition 16/09/16

2nd Edition 23/09/16

3rd Edition 30/09/16

4th Edition 07/10/16

5th Edition 14/10/16

6th Edition 04/11/16

 7th Edition 11/11/16

8th Edition 17/11/16

9th Edition 25/11/16

10th Edition 02/12/16

11th Edition 09/12/16

 12th Edition 16/12/16

13th Edition 13/01/17

14th Edition 20/01/17

15th Edition 27/01/17

 16th Edition 03/02/17

17th Edition 10/02/17

18th Edition 24/02/17

19th Edition 03/03/17

20th Edition 10/03/17

21st Edition 17/03/17

22nd Edition 24/03/17

Spring Term Newsletter

23rd Edition 21/04/17

24th Edition 28/04/17

25th Edition 05/05/17

26th Edition 12/05/17 

 27th Edition 19/05/17

28th Edition 26/05/17

29th Edition 09/06/17

30th Edition 16/06/17

31st Edition 23/06/17

32nd Edition 30/06/17

33rd Edition 07/07/17 

34th Edition 14/07/17


Newsletters published for 2015 2016

1st Edition 11/09/15

2nd Edition 18/09/15

3rd Edition 25/09/15 

4th Edition 02/10/15 

5th Edition 09/10/15 

6th Edition 16/10/15 

7th Edition 22/10/15

8th Edition 06/11/15

9th Edition 13/11/15

10th Edition 20/11/15

11th Edition 27/11/15

12th Edition 04/12/15

13th Edition 11/12/15

14th Edition 08/0/docs/080116_Newsletter.pdf1/16

15th Edit/docs/150116_Newsletter.pdfion 15/01/16

16th Edition 22/01/16

17th Edition/docs/290116_Newsletter_EDIT.pdf 29/01/16

18th Edition 05/02/16

19th Edition 12/02/16

20th Edition 26/02/16

21st Edition 04/03/16

22nd Edition 11/03/16

23rd Edition 15/04/16

24th Edition 22/04/16

25th Edition 28/04/16

26th Edition 06/05/16

27th Edition 13/05/16

28th Edition 20/05/16

29th Edition 27/05/16

30th Edition 10/06/16

31st Edition 17/06/16

32nd Edition 24/06/16

33rd Edition 01/07/16

34th Edition 08/07/16

Archived letters below from Academic year 2014-2015;

September 2014

1st editon 12th Sept 2014

2nd Edition 10th October 2014

3rd Edition  17th October 2014

4th Edition 23rd October 2014

5th Edition 7th November 2014

6th Edition 14th November 2014

7th Edition 21st November 2014

8th Edition 28th November 2014

9th Edition 5th December 2014

10th Edition 12th December 2014

The Word Newsletter - Autumn Term

11th Edition 9th January 2015 

12th Edition 16th January 2015 

13th Edition 23rd January 2015

14th Edition 30th January 2015

15th Edition 6th February 2015

16th edition 13th February 2015 

17th Edition 27th February 2015

18th Edition 13th March 2015

19th Edition 20th March 2015

The Word - Spring edition

20th Edition 17th April 2015

21st Edition 24th April 2015

22nd Edition 1st May 2015

23rd Edition 8th May 2015

24th Edition 15th May 2015

25th Edition 22nd May 2015

26th Edition 5th June 2015

27th Edition 12th June 2015

28th Edition 19th June 2015

29th Edition 26th June 2015

30th Edition 3rd July 2015

31st Edition 10th July 2015

32nd Edition 22nd July 2015


1st edition 17th Jan 2014

2nd edition 24th Jan 2014

3rd edition 31st Jan 2014

4th edition 7th Feb 2014

5th edition 14th Feb 2014

6th edition 28th Feb 2014

7th edition 7th March 2014

8th edition 14th March 2014

9th edition 21st March 2014

10th edition 28th March 2014

11th edition 25th April 2014

12th edition 2nd May 2014




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