Harold Court Primary School

  • "It was nice to come in and view all of the different years' work" Mrs Fox
  • "Open Evening is great. It's lovely to see how my daughter is improving" Mrs Rummell
  • "Very good. The classroom is great. He's working hard and enjoying it!" Mrs Allen
  • "Lots of fun for parents and children... a very interesting session" Mrs Brown
  • "A nice opportunity to see how all of the children listen/interact and behave as a class. Well done!" Mrs Foster
  • "Very eye opening- would come again" Mrs Duncan
  • "Useful to get feedback and updates on the reward system and parent questionnaire" Mrs Pottinger
  • "I have been shown some great methods that I understand" Mrs Kneller
  • "I have learned different methods that I never knew existed" Mr Muthaka
  • "It was lovely to see my daughter so happy about showing me what she does in Maths" Mrs Fair
Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School Life at Harold Court Primary School

Staff and their responsibilities

Senior Leadership Team

 Head Teacher

 Mrs. Lynn Hogan-O'Neill 

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Pupil Premium Lead Professional, Assigned teacher for LAC children, Strategic lead, Assessment, Finance - budget design and Schools Health and Safety

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs. Wendy Donnelly-Symes

Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Leader of Inclusion-SEND Co, EAL, More Able, EYFS and KS1 Lead, Assessment

 Child Protection Team

 Mrs L M Hogan-O'Neill, Mrs W Donnelly-Symes, Mrs R Doody, Extended Safeguarding team: Mr G Pitty, Mrs C Hurley

Our safeguarding governor is - Mrs Lee Clegg

Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs C Hurley       Year 3/4 Year group leader, Behaviour, Core curriculum

Mr G Pitty            Year 5/6 Year group leader, Core Curriculum

Mrs S Doughty    School Business Manager

Pastoral Team - Home/School liaison, attendance,  nuture work, positive reinforcement

Mrs W Donnelly-Symes SEND Co liaises with the following staff;

Mrs R Doody           Pastoral Lead and learning mentor

Mrs L Kane                 Behaviour Learning mentor

Mrs A Caulfield Ross Behaviour Learning mentor


Staff induction

Mrs Cathy Hurley and School Keeper

Student placements and work experiences

Mrs Cathy Hurley Assistant Head Teacher

Subject Leads

Mr Pitty - Maths

Mrs Hurley - Behaviour and positive learning lead - Writing

Miss Darlington, supported by Miss Levy - History and Geography Learning challenge

Mriss Gad - French

Mr O and Miss Levy- ICT, online Safety, D B Primary

Mrs Rose - RE

Mr Pitty – JRSO and Travel Plan co-ordinator

Mrs Luggar - Reading and SPAG

Miss Donnelly-Symes - Art and photography

Mrs D Fussell - Science/Forest Schools/Eco-schools

Miss Smith and Miss Uppal - DT inc. textiles and Food Technology 

Mr Walker  - PE

Mr Miah - Music

Class organisation

Mrs Zaman and Mrs Taylor are both on maternity leave until Jan 2019

Mrs Sommers – FD- Foundation stage

Miss Smith – FC- Foundation stage

Mrs Emson and Mrs Burns – EB1 - Year 1

Mrs Rose  – B1 – Year 1

Miss Uppal – U2 – Year 2

Mrs Beerling (Mon-Tues) and Mrs Donnelly-Symes (Wed-Fri) - BDS2 - Year 2

Miss Levy – L3 – Year 3

Mrs Yeneralski - Y3 - Year 3

Mrs Hurley (Mon-Wed) Miss Darlington (Wed-Fri) - HD4 - Year 4

Mr Miah - M4 - Year 4

Mr O - O5 - Year 5

Miss Donnelly-Symes - DS5- Year 5

Miss Gad - G6 - Year 6

Miss Darlington (Mon) Mrs Luggar (Tues-Fri) - L6 - Year 6

Mr Pitty - P6 - Year 6


Support  Staff 

Mr Walker - Sports Coach

Mrs Roberts - HLTA

Mrs Westley - HLTA

Mrs Rutherford

Mrs Piggott

Miss Walden

Mrs Brett

Mrs Moody

Mrs Murray

Mrs Garrod

Mrs Kennedy

Mrs Hatch

Miss Mole

Mr Ayries

Mrs Taylor

Mr Handley

Mrs Featherbe

Mrs Elton

Mrs Jillings

Mr Mandeliah

Mrs Cooley

Mrs Steward

Mrs Wright

Breakfast and After school club team       

Supervisor of these clubs - Miss Mary Robson

Breakfast - Mrs S Jillings and Mrs D Bortolli-Cooley

After school -  Mrs J Morris and Mrs Featherbe Mr Ayris


Administrative and welfare assistant      

Miss Van-De Assem             

Administrative assistant  

Mr Woods

Site Manager / School keeper               

Mr D Boland  

Midday supervisors & Play Leaders       

Mrs Bailey 

Mrs Bortolli-Cooley 

Mrs Elton 

Mr Ayris

Mrs Jillings 

Mrs Clifford 

Mr M

Miss Walden 

Mrs Moody 

Miss Mole 

Mr Handley 

Mrs Caulfield - Ross

Mrs Kane

Mr Walker

Mr Woods

Miss Brett

Mrs Piggott



Havering catering services school chef    


Havering catering services school cooks                          

Sian and Sally

Harold Court Governing Body

Head Teacher governor;

Mrs Lynn Hogan-O'Neill

Authority Governors:


Co-opted Governors:


Mrs Lee Clegg 

Miss Z Lawrence Chair



Parent Governors:

Mrs Sarah Philpotts

Mrs Bola Adesina

Staff Governor:

Mrs Somers