Harold Court Primary School

  • "It was nice to come in and view all of the different years' work" Mrs Fox
  • "Open Evening is great. It's lovely to see how my daughter is improving" Mrs Rummell
  • "Very good. The classroom is great. He's working hard and enjoying it!" Mrs Allen
  • "Lots of fun for parents and children... a very interesting session" Mrs Brown
  • "A nice opportunity to see how all of the children listen/interact and behave as a class. Well done!" Mrs Foster
  • "Very eye opening- would come again" Mrs Duncan
  • "Useful to get feedback and updates on the reward system and parent questionnaire" Mrs Pottinger
  • "I have been shown some great methods that I understand" Mrs Kneller
  • "I have learned different methods that I never knew existed" Mr Muthaka
  • "It was lovely to see my daughter so happy about showing me what she does in Maths" Mrs Fair
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Welcome from the Head Teacher

On behalf of all the staff, children, parents and governors we would like to warmly welcome you to the Harold Court Primary School web site.

Harold Court is a school where everybody works hard to ensure that children feel safe and secure at school and instil in them a strong moral code, respect and tolerance for others.

Our mission statement is:

'Moving forward together; striving for excellence!' 

This aim is short so that everyone can know it, learn and live it. All children at Harold Court deserve the very best education possible. The 7 years they are at school should be the best years of their lives! Leaving school with many exciting memories to cherish for years to come. I believe strongly that children should enjoy their learning, take ownership of it, and working together strive for excellence. Being inspired by those around them so that they can aspire to be whatever they wish, in jobs that arn't even created at this point and in roles we can only imagine. It is my ambition that children have a love of learning, not for the 'here and now' but for life. It is my job and duty to serve the parents/carers, staff and most importantly the children in my care. Each and every day growing, developing in a school environment that is lived, felt and recognised for its excellence!

The school was built in 1929. Over the years there have been many building works alterations in order to provide our children with the best possible facilities. In 1985 the Friends of Harold Court School built a new library. In 2008 Havering Council built a new wing on the school to provide us with new classrooms and toilets. Currently the school is expanding again with a wonderful new admin and entrance area to the school as well as 4 beautiful new classrooms as well as an extension to one of the halls. From September 2015 we have space for 390 pupils as the school will be increasing to 2-form entry, meaning there will be space for 60 children across 2 classes in each year group. Our youngest children are four years old and our oldest are eleven. The maximum number for the school when at capactiy will be 420 children in total.

The staff and Governors are dedicated to promoting a caring, supportive, inclusive and vibrant learning environment. The teaching staff work hard to deliver a curriculum that is exciting, challenging and fun. We offer high quality teaching and learning opportunities that enable children to fulfil their true potential and develop a love for learning.

We provide an excellent range of extra curricular and enrichment activities that we hope your child will take full advantage of during their time at Harold Court. As parents/carers your views are very important to us and we endeavour to develop strong links between home and school. 

The staff and governors at Harold Court are committed to providing your child with the best education possible and helping them on their way to achieving their goals.

We hope this has given you an overview of our school, what we are passionate about and what we strive for. If you would like to come and see us in 'action' please do make an appointment with our school office and we look forward to welcoming you into our school family!

The Harold Court Team